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Episode Fife (We On Point)

Women Don’t Think Mo’Nique is Funny. Get your finger out of your nose. I need to enuncikate. Flu shots are dumb. Don’t treat others the way you want to be treated. Listen in as Rome E. Creek returns with a special guest to discuss current events, morality, health & wellness, local business, good music, and Janet Jackson’s chesticles. Tune in every Thursday morning! You won’t be disappointed unless you choose to be! And no one does that!

Musical Feature: “Just Music” by Zay Spade Feat. Rome E. Creek and De’Lontrell Thomas

Featured Business: http://adaniellephotography.com

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Have a Good Sandwich!

The Poor Paddle Podcast, Episode Too!

Welcome back to the show! Rome E. Creek returns with more of his bogus perspective and manic ramblings. Listen as he rants about The Fast and The Furious franchise, insults random celebrities, tells awkward stories, and more!