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This is a song by the rock group, RA. Driving home from work while listening to one of my favorite apps, this song began to play. It immediately made me think about my Grandmommy and Papa and I was brought to tears. The lyrics are great, but listening to the song is even better because you can feel the emotion from the lead singer.

Continue to Rest In Peace Grandmommy and Papa; I love y’all more than you’ll ever know!


It’s always been the way that it has been
Falling through a hole inside myself
I can’t remember hardly anything
But I remember holding your hand
In winter colors all but fade away
The sun seems more ashamed to take the sky
You used to keep me warm within your purity
But now I am lost in an empty space oh

Healing, a broken soul, this lie that I’m forced to live in
Taken, now that you’ve been ripped from me

My memory is a fog too thick to see
I must have sold your thoughts to stop the pain
And while it always rains inside of me
My love for you will never ever let you die oh

Healing, a broken soul, this lie that I’m forced to live in
Taken, now that you’ve been ripped from me

Can’t you see
Can’t you see
I’m not me

I can’t let go your softness haunts me
Without your touch I wrinkle like a flower burned
If there’s a God I promise him anything he asks of me
So I could hold you in my arms forever


A different way of thinking that isn’t like others
Understanding that no two diagnoses are the same
Trusting that people won’t treat him differently
Imagining a world where it doesn’t matter how your brain processes
Staying hopeful they can find out why and a cure
Making sure each and everyday my son knows he is no different than “normal” people


Strength to live on despite my past
Underlying hurt and pain is something that will forever last
Receiving help and encouragement through different sources
Varying degrees of feelings; it’s a constant battle with my emotions
Investigating the actions so they will never happen again
Vision of happiness in the future; ready for the next chapter to begin
Only through my writing is how I’m able to really cope
Receiving you in my life; you are my new found hope

His Eyes

His eyes hold the deepest pain
But only a soul that can relate sees
The sadness, disappointment and sorrow
His soul is crying out to me
To listen, to understand, and know deep down his love is real
But he has such a hard time expressing emotions; he was told he couldn’t feel
Man up, wipe those tears, da fuck you crying for
Now he won’t let anyone in; he’s afraid to open that door
But real eyes realize real hurt that’s buried deep within
Struggling to keep your head above water so Iblis won’t win
It’s amazing when someone comes along and sings the harmony to your hearts song
Matching pitch and rhythm right on time
Take my hand; your heart can heal with mine
Patience, loyalty, respect, and love is all I have to give
Together, you and I, can learn to forget and forgive
Encourage each other to free ourselves from internal slavery
Side by side, hand in hand, it’s just you and me
Using our pain and telling our story through our art
You’ll never have to doubt my love; it’s you that has my heart
And I know that it’s me who has yours too
We All Y… Shhhhh; that’s just between me and you