3 thoughts on “The Poor Paddle Podcast, Episode Tree?

  1. Raising the minimum wage also makes companies raise cost of products. So raising it isn’t always the best. But I do agree they will end up on welfare. I do want to hear the scam of welfare.

  2. Wrong. That’s a misconception. Some businesses do need to adjust for salaries, but large companies don’t NEED to. It’s just better for maximizing profits. Raising prices can negatively affect profit by steering buyers. Nothing affects prices more than supply and demand. It’s doesnt hurt large companies to adjust for inflation. That’s what they tell us to justify not paying fair wages. That’s how they trick buyers in to siding with them against workers. Most of the stuff you buy from Walmart wouldn’t increase in price because they make their money in competitive pricing. Plus, a lot of the products have set pricing, like Apple products. Don’t let that lie trick you into cheating yourself.

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