Episode Ate – Don’t Carry A Bag Of Wrenches On Your Neck

Poor Swahili. Ruined Quotes. Terrible Black Panther Review with NO Spoilers. Martin coming back? Tears for Wallace. Grumpy White Man returns to answer the question of the week. Niche’s Pet Peeves. Alienating more listeners. Tune in as this ridiculous duo returns for the eighth week of inappropriate commentary.

Musical Feature: “Black Excellence” by Xoul City

https://xoulcity.bandcamp.com (Free Music Download)



Featured Business: Lumpy Grits (https://www.facebook.com/LumpyGrits2013/)

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One thought on “Episode Ate – Don’t Carry A Bag Of Wrenches On Your Neck

  1. Never listened to a podcast before, but this is the funniest one I’ve ever listened to. As much as I love the loud, yelling ramblings of Creek waking up my angry, infant child…we need more Nisha! Funniest part of the show. Keep it up y’all!

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