Episode Sweven – Valentine’s Day Sucks and Welfare is Biblical

Everyone hates Valentine’s Day until they receive gifts! Niche and Rome “Envisage” Creek get completely out of hand this week, but what else is new? Creek proves that he doesn’t know the difference between Judaism and Catholicism, and sneaks in another bad sports prediction. The real Quote of the Week returns. Relationship advice and introspection. Bad Joke Alert. Welfare ambivalence. Should men wear sandals? New Question of the Week! Biblical leggings. The ramblings of this barely-sane couple may have you questioning your own sensibilities! Or not. Hopefully not?

Musical Feature: “Careless” by Skyler White

https://soundcloud.com/skylerwhitemuzk  / https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/16-days-ep/1165290208https://www.instagram.com/justxskyler

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